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Cher Makes it Snow to Santa Monica in Celebration of Cherlato and her album ’Christmas’

Santa Monica, October 24 – Christmas arrived early, courtesy of Cher, with a spectacular, snow filled event celebrating her new “Cherlato,” gelato and her latest Christmas album, fittingly titled “Christmas.”

The legendary pop icon didn’t just attend; she brought her own ‘Cherlato’ truck and orchestrated an over-the-top snowfall moment for her arrival.

MagicSnow provided snow effects, event production was helmed by the talented Jason Rhee of Rheefined Events. The stunning Fairmont Miramar served as the perfect venue for this extraordinary experience.

Cher’s personal engagement with her guests added an intimate touch to the evening. Guests were treated to her signature “Cherlato” gelato, as they danced away under the snow, all to songs from her new holiday album.

For the finale, Cher graced the stage, as a picture-perfect snowfall transformed the Fairmont Miramar into a living snow globe.

Adding to the enchantment, Gianpaolo ‘Giapo’ Grazioli, the esteemed head chef at Giapo Ice Cream, made a notable appearance, posing in front of the Cherlato gelato truck set against a larger-than-life photo of Cher herself.

Cher’s magical evening didn’t merely bring an early taste of Christmas to Santa Monica; it showcased her newest venture, “Cherlato,” with the perfect blend of glamour and delight.

Cher’s ability to create show-stopping experiences once again proved her ability to elevate events to legendary status.