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Is this real snow?

No. The Snow Machine creates a realistic snowfall effect that vanishes on contact. We do offer real snowmaking services by clicking here

How long does 1 gallon of MagicSnow fluid last?

Running the machine at medium intensity, 1 gallon will last for about 30 minutes. This can vary depending on the intensity at which you run the snow machine.

Does it create a layer of snow on the ground?

No. MagicSnow vanishes on contact. However, if you run the machine at a high intensity combined with a low fan speed, you may create a buildup. We do not recommend this.

Can I use other snow fluids with this machine?

No. Using fluids other than MagicSnow fluid may cause damage to the machine.

Can the machine be used indoors?


How high off the ground should the machine be placed?

For maximum effect, we recommend 10-15 feet off the ground.

How far will the snow project?

This varies with the fan speed as well as wind and weather conditions. With no wind interference, at a height of 20 feet, this will produce snow up to 20′ from the snow machine.

What if there is wind?

If your event is outdoors, we highly recommend renting two or more machines installed in opposite directions for the best effect. This also helps to mitigate wind interference.