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FOX NFL Sunday

NFL Christmas Day – Fox Studios Lot

‘Fox NFL Sunday’ Christmas Day Broadcast Scores Big with Snow-Filled Set created by Fox Sports and MagicSnow

Amid palm trees and perfect Los Angeles weather, ‘FOX NFL Sunday’ brought a bit of Hollywood magic to the Fox Studios Lot, transforming its outdoor set at into breathtaking winter wonderland for its annual Christmas Day broadcast. A record 37 million viewers tuned in to see hosts Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan, and Curt Menefee walk in a dazzling arctic oasis, all made from real snow.

MagicSnow teamed up with FOX Sports to create the snowy spectacle for the ‘FOX NFL Sunday’ live broadcast on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day despite the soaring temperatures in LA.

Fox Sports secured the rights to broadcast special Christmas Day games as part of recent NFL television deals, and the over-the-top snow set has become a cherished tradition each year since its inception in 2020. The snow-filled set is the creative vision of Fox Sports Art Director Johnny Chou, who has collaborated with MagicSnow on the iconic NFL Christmas Day broadcasts for the past four years.

To execute a flawless snowy transformation, MagicSnow kicks off its mass production of snow the night before Christmas Eve. With a dedicated team and three industrial-scale snowmakers, MagicSnow works around the clock to create more than 100 tons of fine powder snow.

By game time, real snow blankets the entire football field set, with an LED wall fully buried in a berm of real snow. As a finishing touch, MagicSnow introduces realistic snowfall that gracefully descends throughout the broadcast.

“We begin planning well before Halloween,” says Adam Williams, President of MagicSnow. “This project, requires seamless coordination among Fox Sports, Fox Studio Lot, and MagicSnow. Every step requires thorough preparation, logistics, and planning to make sure the set is perfectly blanketed just in time for the live broadcast, regardless of the temperature.”

But the snow-covered set isn’t just for show. By using real snow, Fox Sports scores an environmental win, repurposing all the snow on set for natural irrigation across the Fox Studios lot. This stands in contrast to old-fashioned Hollywood snow effects which require cleanup and contribute to landfill waste. MagicSnow’s snow scenes naturally melt away, transforming the White Christmas into pure water before New Year’s Day.

MagicSnow is internationally known for its realistic and enchanting snow experiences for theme parks, live events, film sets, and television broadcasts. The partnership with Fox Sports solidifies MagicSnow as the premier creator of snow experiences for world-class productions.

“We’re extremely proud of this project,” says Williams. “For the team at MagicSnow, the chance to show off our snowmaking skills, and reach one of television’s largest audiences is a Christmas dream come true, and a tradition we eagerly anticipate year after year.”